10 Game-Changing Fintech Companies New York You Need to Know

Location: New York, NY Stripe has redefined online payments, empowering businesses to accept payments seamlessly and securely. From e-commerce businesses to startups, Stripe is a favorite choice for those seeking a reliable payment processing platform.

Location: Menlo Park, CA (with a significant presence in New York) Robinhood, despite its California roots, has a strong foothold in New York City. It’s renowned for democratizing finance by offering commission-free stock and crypto trading, attracting millions of users, especially millennials.

Location: New York, NY Betterment is a robo-advisor that simplifies investing. Their platform offers automated portfolio management and financial planning services, making wealth growth accessible to users.

Location: New York, NY OnDeck specializes in online business loans and financing, providing quick and accessible funding options for small businesses, fostering their growth.

Location: New York, NY SoFi, short for Social Finance, offers a suite of financial products, including student loan refinancing, personal loans, and investment options. Their focus is on helping individuals achieve financial independence.

Location: New York, NY Plaid is a fintech company that connects various financial institutions with applications. They play a crucial role in enabling apps like Venmo and Robinhood to securely link to users’ bank accounts.

Location: New York, NY Addepar provides comprehensive wealth management software, offering insights and analytics to financial advisors, family offices, and institutions.

Location: New York, NY Stash is an investment app designed to make investing accessible to everyone. They offer fractional shares and personalized portfolio options, making it easier for beginners to enter the market.

Location: New York, NY AxiomSL is a leading provider of regulatory reporting and risk management solutions for financial institutions. They help organizations navigate complex regulatory requirements seamlessly.

Location: New York, NY Chain is a blockchain technology company that partners with financial institutions to create blockchain networks. They aim to transform how assets are issued, managed, and exchanged using this innovative technology.